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Fabric Scrap Ornaments

Postby CandyKane » Tue Mar 08, 2011 7:46 pm

I just found the instructions for these and I can't wait to make some.

Take styrofoam balls, maybe 3" in diameter. Cut small swatches of scrap fabric in complimentary colors. Tiny Red/green/white Xmas patterns are good, but any nice looking combination will do. Don't forget the folks who decorate in a popular pink and cream Victorian style. Or try Baby colors for Baby's first Xmas. I like just a colorful mish mash of scraps that are bright and cheery.

Cut these maybe 2 inches by 2 inches. This is pretty freeform, so the dimensions and shapes are up to you. I like them a little smaller and freeform, to give a crazy quilt look. Triangles look nice too. Keep it simple overall though. Use a butter knife or small flat-head screwdriver to shove the edges of the fabric into the Styrofoam, one after the next, all side by side, creating a patch-work quilt effect. It can be fairly messy, with random shapes and sizes, and still look terrific.

Then tie a piece of bright complimentary ribbon into a loop, and using a straight pin with a colored or pearlized head, pin it to the top of the ball to hang. Or you could put a drop of glue into a top crevace of the ball and using your knife, push the ribbon in so that it is hidden in the quilt pattern. You can always add a small ribbon bow to hide where the hanging loop has been inserted. Very cute and cozy, and easy to store 'cause they can be manhandled without damage. They are also light to have to cart to the shows by you, being that they are styrofoam based.

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