Christmas Traditions and Customs .

Old and New Traditions from around the world.

Christmas Traditions and Customs .

Postby tinseltown » Tue Feb 14, 2012 12:55 pm

:smilecc: Hi I:m going to share a few holiday traditions here from around the world . I live in Greece and christmas in Greek is xristouyenna which literally translated means christ,s birth . In my household , coming from the u.k we open our presents on the 25th December :smilecc: but the kids in Greece open them new years day as they call Santa Ayios Vassilis which means st Basil and that is his feast day . Decmber 6th is Ayios Nikolas and yes youve guessed it thats St Nicks day . My dutch friends celebrate this day with santa arriving on a boat with black Petes . who are like black elves ! They usually decorate their houses after the 6th which seems very late to me !! My Swiss friend would put her tree up Christmas eve as do alot of my German friends here then take it down on the 6th of January , again its less than 2 weeks !! Here in Rhodes there is a lovely carol service mid December with choirs from all different nationalities here Philipinos , Spanish German English and we even had an African christmas song this year . Swedish members also celebrate santa Lucia where a group of young girls walk in the church holding candles , beautiful. At the local catholic church ,which is run by Franciscan monks they have a nativity setting which is the only one outside of Italy and i think of Assisi . It is set in a room and is a scene built up on a mountainside with the stable at the top with Jesus in it then there are small water mills with running water and sheep and sherperds etc made of porcelain and Hessian scattered all over . It is quiet old and the local tv station usually come and film it in action and run it on tv . We helped to restore it a couple of years ago by painting the figures and adding new moss ,lighting etc which was lovely to do on the run up to christmas . My Bulgarian friend says in Bulgaria they eat a special food christmas eve but then leave all the dirty plates on the table to welcome in Christmas !! New year in England . Whoever enters the house first after 12 midnight they prefer that they have dakk hair , dont ask me why , and to carry a piece of coal in with them . This would be for prosperity . Thank you for reading this and hope you found it intresting . Its so to be able to write and discuss christmas all year round !!!! :smilecc:
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Re: Christmas Traditions and Customs .

Postby Christmas Crazy » Wed Aug 13, 2014 2:52 pm

tinseltown, I don't remember reading before now. I think this is great. How wonderful to hear about individual traditions. Thanks for sharing.
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Re: Christmas Traditions and Customs .

Postby Noel+ » Thu Aug 14, 2014 2:14 am

Thanks tinseltown. How did we miss this? Brest Christmas traditions. :)

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