Hot Chocolate on a Stick

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Hot Chocolate on a Stick

Postby Mrs.Claus » Thu Sep 06, 2012 12:30 pm

Here's another drink I found on Pinterest. Although, it doesn't have to be a drink - you could leave it as fudge.

How to Make:

    1/2 cup heavy cream
    14-oz can sweetened condensed milk
    18 oz (about 3 cups) chopped semi-sweet chocolate or chips
    4 oz (about 3/4 cup) chopped unsweetened chocolate
    25 lollipop sticks
Prepare an 8x8 pan by lining it with aluminum foil and spraying the foil with nonstick cooking spray.

Place the chopped semi-sweet and unsweetened chocolates in a large heat-safe bowl and set aside.

Pour the heavy cream and condensed milk into a medium saucepan and whisk until combined. Put the saucepan over medium heat. Bring the liquid to a simmer, whisking frequently so that the condensed milk does not scorch on the bottom of the pan.

Once the liquid is simmering, pour the hot cream over the chopped chocolate and let it sit for a minute to soften. Begin whisking the cream and chocolate together, until the chocolate is melted and you have a shiny, smooth mixture. It will be fairly thick.

Pour the chocolate into the prepared pan and smooth it into an even layer. Allow it to sit and firm up overnight, or for 3-4 hours in the refrigerator. Once the fudge block is firm, use a large, sharp knife to cut it into twenty-five pieces (five rows and five columns). For the smoothest cuts, rinse the knife in hot water and dry it between each cut. Skewer each block with a lollipop stick.

Store Hot Chocolate On A Stick in an airtight container for up to a week at room temperature, two weeks in the refrigerator, or up to a month in the freezer.

To make hot chocolate, heat a mug of milk (water does not work well in this instance) and add a chocolate block. Allow it to sit and soften for a minute, then vigorously stir until it is dissolved.
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