Leftover Turkey Malaysian Creamy Curry

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Leftover Turkey Malaysian Creamy Curry

Postby tinseltown » Wed Mar 07, 2012 2:02 pm

This is a great recipe to use up leftover Christmas turkey . In a saucepan put a good amount of butter , margerine and add to this 1 chopped onion and 2 chopped garlic cloves. Fry gently so they dont brown and add a handful of sliced fresh mushrooms and fry until cooked but not browned . Then add a can of carnation milk or any brand of evaporated milk ( a tin would be enough for 3 people) and a little fresh milk if you like and continue to heat slowly and keep stirring . Then add cooked turkey breast pieces and heat thoroughly but be careful not to let the milk catch at the bottom of the saucepan . In a cup mix 6 teaspoons of curry powder , a knorr cube and a little hot water . Mix and add to saucepan . When you know turkey is completely heated put a little plain flour ,maybe 2 tablespoons and mix this with a little milk in a cup then add to curry , keep stirring at this point as it will thicken quickly . Serve straight away with pilaff rice and naam bread , its delicious !: :dinner:
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