Blow Molds Representive Wanted

All the twinkling, blinking, spectacular light displays, shiny holiday ornaments, and overall Christmas decorations.

Blow Molds Representive Wanted

Postby Thomas Steiner » Sun Jul 19, 2009 4:22 pm

Blow Molds Representive Wanted

Blow Molds R Us is pleased to announce that we are now in need of accepting applications for the following postiton:

Blow Molds Representive

Applications will be reviewed on a first come, first serve basis, and will be accepted until the right candidate is found. State your commission pay as this will be reviewed when hired. Some benefits are included with this job. No insurance.

The successful candidate should be a male or female, 16-80 years of age, preferably residing in general vicinity of southern, central, western or eastern Indiana. Applicant should have a good personality, fun to be around, and willing to adopt to being around a blow mold geek who is also an avid Nascar sports fan and a Christmas blow mold nut. Adament fans of communist kickaball (alternately known as "soccer") & the UCLA need not apply. Huntington University, Virginia Tech, Atlanta Braves, Chicago Cubs and Green Bay Packers fans a plus.

Furthermore, the successful candidate must also adopt to loving Christmas blow molds (and preferably, hunt for blow molds) an annual Christmas light display which consumes many, many hours of time during the holiday season. Your responsibility to this job will only consist of finding blow molds for us for our display. Must though be a team leader in finding blow molds. No set up help will be required of you for our display.

If you think you are the right blow mold candidate for this job, please submit an e-mail application with your name, address, phone and all other stated info as described above and e-mail to:

Thank you!

Got Blow Molds? I sure do!
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