My Christmas Plan

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My Christmas Plan

Postby tinseltown » Wed Feb 22, 2012 2:58 pm

I usually have a place where i can store special food for christmas . All through the year i buy jars of special jams ,sauces and fruits that i know i will use at christmas . September time i usually start to buy extra wines in , brandy (good for lacing my mincemeat :D )and Baileys liquer is a must for Christmas . October i start with my favourite chocolates and cheeses , relishes soft drinks . This way by November and early December a big part of my shopping is done which leaves me time for my christmas pastimes. All through the year i look out for suitable xmas presents,especially for my daughter who wants her Santa sack full on christmas morning ! Even though i work long hours all summer i try and do a cupboard or wardrobe every day September time so by the time November comes i can do a big Autumn clean before i put up my decorations . Mincepies and sticky puddings are made by the dozens in November and frozen .The first night that my house is decorated i pour myself a Baileys ,get out the chocs and put on Home Alone , sheer bliss . I then have a christmas night usually on the 1st of December where around 10 or more of us share a meal and play a game called Humbug :laugh: All my friends always ask how im so organised and now you know my secret ! :scene:
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Re: My Christmas Plan

Postby Noel+ » Thu Feb 23, 2012 12:28 am

Oh, we're up on organizational plans for Christmas at CAY. Every year Mrs. CLaus posts the newest link to the Grand Plan. And we share our own individual plans so you fit right in tinseltown! :smilecc:

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