Today is the 2nd Anniversary of this amazing Christmas Flash Mob. I just had to share. Love it!!!


The nerd in me, so loves this!!!

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Get out! Don’t look at me! Classic Elf!

Jovi and Buddy duet in the bathroom.


Perfect blend of Halloween and Christmas – Enjoy!


A Christmas classic! It just wouldn’t be Christmas without A Charlie Brown Christmas.


I choose to call my family’s Christmas movie collection “flicks” rather than movies because some aren’t really movies; they’re TV Specials on DVD (even some on VHS), but we put them in our movie collection.

We have so many flicks that my hubby says that if we watch one a day, we will have to start watching in October and still wouldn’t have seen them all by Christmas. (I think he exaggerates a bit.)

As part of our Advent celebrations we watch a flick a night (when possible, sometimes 2 if they are short ones). We don’t always have popcorn or chips because that would just be too much every night. Sometimes though we eat dinner in front of the TV as a treat.

As a family, we have some MUST-see favourites – Elf, Santa Claus series, Ernest Saves Christmas, and Christmas Vacation. Hubby likes to watch Die Hard and I have to see The Ref and Miracle on 34th Street.

If you don’t own the flicks you can always see what’s playing on TV and plan a few nights (with popcorn, etc) and make it a special event – it’s all part of the anticipation of Christmas.


Reading Christmas stories by the Christmas tree is a wonderful holiday tradition my family started when our children were quite young. It started out as a Christmas gift bag with a few holiday books. My kids are much older now and the only difference is the number of books – it’s now a storage tub full (and quite heavy).

Each night, we would gather by the Christmas Tree and take turns pulling out a book (one night each) and read the story, then get ready for bed. It was a great way to end the day.

Some nights we weren’t able to read a story because of the busyness of the season, but we did what we could and the tradition stuck. My kids love it and look forward to reading.

You do not need to have many books or even children to do this. You can start with a favourite book or two. Perhaps A Visit from Saint Nicholas, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, or a favourite book from your childhood for those with children. Or A Christmas Carol, or Skipping Christmas for those without children or who have older children.

Enjoy the time and celebrate the season.


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